Hello from the Apple dictation system on the new iPad

So this is Ewan and I am writing this text via my new Apple iPad. I say writing what I actually means is that I’m speaking opposed to the Apple iPad is translating my text into writing. I will not make any error corrections except I will try and speak clearly so that the system understands what I’m saying.

The biggest challenge with this system is that I feel I have two change my language to ensure it is easy or easier to understand. Perhaps that’s the wrong way to go about things perhaps I need to just speak normally.

Is anything this is the biggest problem with this sort of technology. I am probably screwing things up by speaking clearly that’s probably not either system works.


I was the talk normally they had a very busy day I went into the apple store on regent street in London and I purchased a new iPod and I did have to stand in AQ.

Knowing fairness to the Apple translation engine I do that she specified in queue it looks as though I suppose it sounded as though I was spelling letters I wasn’t out of the barbecue.

No things are probably getting rather difficult to understand is amazing how one word incorrectly understood can change the entire meaning of a sentence but I don’t interesting also is that I can leave lots of space in between what I’m saying and assistance towards this is a very long paragraph and I wonder perhaps it looked like doing the translation as I speak I consider little circle indicating there is a connection being made by speaking.

I think is really good for sentences not too many sentences after we are having access to press the button and let the translation I’m not quite sure music Trattoria pay more attention but keep what is this is working very very accurate.

Is difficult ICs work very accurately and then the last sentence doesn’t look very grateful however I’m still leave the schools as you see it just to give you an idea of my offence with the Apple translation system.

Oh dear it really is not working that well.

I think if you adjust yourself to the system and the speak a little bit with understanding that the computer is doing it’s best so if you make allowances is privately fine.

or perfectly fine.

Where this is absolutely ideal is for email for Quik replies quick one line sentences.

I have to say the temptation to make if you slight changes to the sentence structure is very great.

But I have just windowboxes as you see it I hope this doesn’t look too much like an outsourced a blog post from someone who doesn’t speak the language naturally.

For windowboxes read blog post.

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

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oh dear! One liners maybe but it’s not going to cut it as a PA’s tool for document dictation. Not yet anyway!

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