iPhone 5 due in Q3; Includes integrated tomato dispenser functionality

Right then the iPhone rumours have begun once again.

I wonder just how much advertising revenue the technology industry generates purely from arse-level speculation that accompanies Apple launch “news”? A lot.

Luckily here at Mobile Industry Review, we don’t bother with that sort of thing.

I thought you’d like to know about the latest rubbish floating around the planet though. It’s always good to be able to include speculation in every day conversation because folk on the periphery of the mobile industry expect you to know.

So here’s you’re executive briefing on the rumours according to AppleInsider, who’s reporting iMore and Reuters. Who’s sister’s parrot’s mate’s friend swears it’s more or less true.

1. The iPhone is “most likely” to show up in October.

2. It’ll have a bigger screen — 3.5″ is muted.

3. And if it has a bigger screen, I can exclusively reveal that it’s more than likely to have a bigger form factor.

4. 4G LTE. Duh. That’s not much of a stretch is it. I’d be surprised if Apple’s next generation device majored on it’s GPRS features.

5. It might have a new “dock” — smaller. Or it might not. But it might.

6. It will be available in a range of colours*

*Where colours is defined as either black or white. Or you might get some different ones. Who knows?

So there you have it.

There are some rumours that you can quote to folk who want to know.

By Ewan

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