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Looks like Apple might be getting serious on iPad catalogues

Eagle-eyed top man Aaron Watkins at PR firm Appency was checking out his client’s app in the iTunes App Store last night when he noticed the app now had a new top level category assigned to it. Previously it was lumped into the rather generic “Lifestyle” category. Now it’s in the “Catalogs” category.

Aaron’s client, TheFind (creators of the Catalogue app) haven’t had any input in this change. It just happened.

Let’s hear from Siva Kumar, CEO of TheFind Inc:

“Catalogue has been downloaded more than a million times, making it by far the most popular app in its category. With the addition of the Catalogs section in iTunes, Apple is further validating that people are inclined to consume catalogs on their devices versus the paper waste inherent in print catalogs. This move by Apple is a welcome change that will make it easier for consumers to find the shopping apps they actually want to use.”

It’s a very good move for Apple, isn’t it? I suspect the company will have a willing audience for any announcements in this regard. A platform such as today’s alleged iPad keynote will be a perfect opportunity to speak to the legions of businesses who produce some kind of catalogue. Yup. If things go this way, expect tens of thousands of folk to walk into work tomorrow asking questions like, “We’re putting our catalogue on the iPad, right?”

When it’s the CEO asking, the answer is likely to be a strong yes.

A push on Catalogues on iPads wouldn’t need much momentum to get started. Most companies with any sort of catalogue have at least given the concept some thought, even if they haven’t actually done any development yet.

Bring it on. Let’s see what happens today.

(Nice spot Aaron!)

By Ewan

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