Mac users: Take a look at Cloak to secure your open WiFi usage

I came across this rather useful service via LifeHacker yesterday and thought some readers might want to take a look.

If you’re a regular user of unsecured WiFi hotspots in cafes and the like, it’s pretty easy for any teenager with a bag of hacking tools to see exactly what you’re doing. Unless you secure your connection with a virtual private network (“VPN”).

Which, is an arse. VPNs aren’t the easiest to deal with unless you’re a Class-A geek.

And that’s where Cloak comes in. It does all the heavy lifting. All you need to do is enable it and it takes care of the rest.

Over to LifeHacker’s piece…

There are a lot of things you can do to stay safe on public Wi-Fi networks, like using HTTPS whenever possible. One of the best ways to secure your browsing is with a virtual private network, though that can take a lot of work to set up. Cloak makes the process as dead simple as it could possibly be: whenever you’re connected to an open Wi-Fi network, it connects you to its VPN service for totally secure browsing. It could not be any simpler to use.

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Alternatively, there’s an open source version called SideStep:

There’s a donation option for reasonable use. Or you can proxy it through your web server, which will work out much cheaper – on mine I pay 8p/GB, if I go over 100GB 🙂

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