MWC 2012 video: Fjord’s Olof Schybergson talks to MIR

I was delighted to have been able to meet with Olof Schybergson, top man at uber-agency, Fjord.

Fjord is known in the right mobile circles as being amongst the best in the business. Serious people nod in a purposeful manner when you use phrases like, “We got Fjord working on that.”

The company’s mission statement headline explains what it does rather eloquently: Fjord builds transformational digital services.

BBC iPlayer mobile? That was them. The native Flickr app on Windows Phone? Fjord. And Flirtomatic — the most successful mobile dating site bar none? Conceived and created by Fjord.

A key point is that you typically won’t find Fjord doing the actual coding. That’s not their bag. Instead they focus on strategy, thought, creativity and delivery.

Let’s hear from Olof:

By Ewan

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3 replies on “MWC 2012 video: Fjord’s Olof Schybergson talks to MIR”

I really enjoyed this video. Probably more because Fjord is more along my lines of thinking/working than much else in mobile. Their perspective, and therefore their products, come across as actually understanding the implications of mobile from as many perspectives as possible. Its not development or analysis for the sake of it, but more holistic.

Nice job on this Ewan.

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