There are 3 folk on my train iMessaging right now

I’m on the train on the way into Richmond. It’s busy an I’m surrounded by people using iPhone 4 or 4S devices. These are normal people. Not geeks. On lady looks to be in her early 20s, another chap looks about 30 and the other guy must be late 40s.

Each of them have been routinely iMessaging for the last 30 minutes. I know because I can see the blue send button in the messaging app (denoting an iMessage conversation — instead of the green button for SMS).

Interestingly they all appear to be engaging multiple users — all via iMessage.

I was speaking to a chap at a nameless operator service provider last week who was telling me that in certain segments of the iPhone population, SMS use has dropped to next to nothing.

It’s interesting to see this anecdote represented in the flesh on the train.

It’s a changing world!

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