After years of doing next to nothing, Ofcom finally wants 0800 numbers to be free from mobiles

I was pleased to come across this post from today’s Telegraph pointing out that Ofcom, the generally ineffectual UK telecoms regulator, has finally got the message.

Here’s the overview:

Calls to ‘freephone’ 0800 numbers currently cost up to 21p a minute from mobile phones, despite being free from BT landlines. Ofcom wants to make them free, and to introduce a standard ‘network access charge’ for other numbers. This would allow adverts containing such numbers to say how much calls would cost, rather than simply saying that prices may vary, as they do currently.

And here’s a comment included by the Telegraph’s Matt Warman from Ed Richards, top man at Ofcom:

By making calls to 0800 numbers free from all phones, we will clear up any uncertainty about making calls, especially from mobiles, to the benefit of consumers and service providers alike.

So we’re getting toward mid-way through 2012. And you’re ONLY just noticing this, Ed?


  • ofcom make me wonder sometimes. They certainly don’t rush on anything!

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