Get a secure VPN with your Boingo account


I just signed up for another Boingo account. Part of me feels this is a little like putting my hand into the deep fat fryer. Sometimes I get frustrated by the slow speed at some hotspots — but that’s not just a Boingo issue. Most wifi providers seem to offer a rather limited throughput on their systems.

Anyway. I went for the £3.95 per month option. That gets you unlimited usage on two mobile devices across the whole 400,000+ hotspot alliance. When I installed the company’s WiFi Finder app, I was prompted to install their free secure VPN offering. Very good of them. This is really good thinking from Boingo. It’s along the lines of Cloak — which I’ve also got installed on the iPhone.

It’s far too easy to forget that on public networks there’s a much bigger security risk — I think I will check out the Boingo VPN offering and see what I make of it.

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