The launch of the HTC One series makes your iPhone look really dated

Deary me.

A colleague showed me her HTC One X yesterday.

Although I’ve seen the range at Mobile World Congress, observing the device in-the-wild (supplied from Vodafone with some fancy Beats Audio earphones) really made me look at my iPhone 4S and think: Shit.


The iPhone 4S — indeed, the whole iPhone range — is beginning to look seriously, seriously dated.

As my colleague scrolled through legions of useful widgets, smart functions and fancy little user interface niceties, I couldn’t help but think that my statement back in January 2011 is even more relevant today: The iPhone is the mobile industry’s Fisher Price smartphone.

Have you bought an HTC One series device recently? How are you getting on with it?

By Ewan

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9 replies on “The launch of the HTC One series makes your iPhone look really dated”

3hours battery with constant use.
I’ll stick with my Nexus S running Vanilla 4.0.4

I’m an EX sense user. No way will I touch another HTC again. Long live AOSP, long live the Nexus Line.

Where? The top of the peak represents about 7:30am on Tuesday morning and I swear it hasn’t been on charge since.
I do turn my phone off over night, but that is what I have always done with phones! I am now starting day 3 and still showing 41%. I’d be surprised if I don’t make it most of the way through today too. I’ll show you that image too if needs be?Like I say, what earthly reason would I have to make any of this up?

Jeez some people are hard to please!?!

…and just in case my nay-saying friend is still in any doubt 

For the record, I did need to plug my USB cable in both yesterday and today for around 20 seconds whilst I got these screenshot’s off my device. I assume he won’t accuse this of being a ‘partial charge’?

Although I haven’t used my phone much today, I have to say, even I am starting to find this battery rather impressive!

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