Rumour’n’conjecture –> Apple iPad mini set for October launch at $200-$250

Now then if this were to actually happen — and it’s a big if — it would probably kill off any meaningful tablet competition for a good few years. It’d be “job done, thanks for coming, but no thanks” to anybody else for a long period — market pricing in the $200 range would make the thing utterly ubiquitous.

I’m normally not a fan of these kinds of over speculative posts however I do like to play out scenarios in my mind and this could be a highly successful one for Apple in the medium term.

Apple is indeed preparing a smaller version of its wildly popular iPad tablet and it will launch this coming October for between $200 and $250, a new report claims. Numerous earlier reports have suggested that an iPad with a 7.85-inch display will launch in the third or fourth quarter this year, and now Apple watcher iMore has reinforced these rumors

via Apple iPad mini set for October launch, $200-$250 price tag.

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