What’s the worst generic email sign-off/signature you’ve seen?

Was it BlackBerry that started this whole game off? The automatic default signature on every message? For a while there it was semi-cool. Now it’s highly annoying. I get really annoyed when I setup a new iOS device and forget to disable the stupid ‘Sent from my iPhone’ signature.

A reader — a highly connected senior executive — emailed me this afternoon quoting this signature he’d just noticed.

First the offending text:

Sent from my Motorola Smartphone on the Now Network from Sprint

And now the reader’s comment:

I was actually a little bit sick in my mouth.. This is quite possibly the ugliest email sign off I’ve ever seen.


I have to agree.

The defaults like Sent from my iPhone or Sent from my BlackBerry are at least brief — just four words.

That Sprint signature — which definitely has the whiff of a corporate inspired wheeze from the operator’s marketing team — is a whopping 11 words.

The fact that the author of the text felt compelled to use the phrase “Motorola Smartphone” confounds me. Was it critical to point out that it’s a SMARTphone? Not a Motorola Dumbphone? And the “Now Network” (Sprint’s own branding) is a bit… well, I don’t think it works in this context.

Dear me.

I think this is probably the worst I’ve seen.

What about you? Have you witnessed anything like this?

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