When even the guy carrying the Burger King sign at Waterloo Station has an iPhone


And you thought having an iPhone 4 or 4S made you an exclusive part of the tech elite?

Think again.

Is this the beginning of the end for niche Apple?

By Ewan

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10 replies on “When even the guy carrying the Burger King sign at Waterloo Station has an iPhone”

This is a noob’s comment. Even a common guy has one because of it’s user-friendliness and its a convenient gadget to have. It’s not cheap compares to normal handsets but with the functions it features, its worth every single penny.

No, it’s a blog post highlighting anecdotally that Apple is certainly no longer niche — an area where it’s historically been comfortable operating.

Yes Ewan, but you have to admit Apple’s niche has been the effective consumerisation of technology and your photo simply demonstrates how incredibly effective they have been. If you want to be extremely exclusive get a nice old Nokia running Symbian and spend a few weeks trying to work out how to make it work. When you do, you’ll be in an exclusive club all on you own!

I’m all for the democratisation of the mobile industry.

I just want to know that if I’m spending 600 on a phone, it’s not going to be the same one (practically) that’s given away, cheap-as-chips to anyone.
It’s a smart strategy by Apple — a nano strategy by stealth.

The next generation iPhone will sort it out temporarily!

Shouldn’t you buy a Vertu handset if you want expensive exclusivity?!  Or do what the masses do and not spend £600 up front on an iPhone, but go for a cheap as chips deal!

Agreed on Apples strategy, very clever, its the must have brand and people will try and afford it whatever

Ewan, this is similar to the “shoe-shine boy” reference in owning stocks in a bull market.  You know you are probably at/near the top in a bull market when the guy shining your shoes is talking about the stocks he owns and the money he is making.  So, nice analogy here with the iPhone and exclusivity.  

People do want the “new and hot” item.  The iPhone is becoming common place.  So are smartphones as they all look the same.  Thus I think we ask what is next?  A completely new look and feel on the next release?  Apple stays hot by being a step ahead of the pack.  Currently they have been brought back to the pack.  Knowing Apple, they are about to change everything all over again.

Just when the competition thinks they have caught up, Apple will do something different.  My bet is they caught on to your realization a year ago and have been fast at work to change this.  Apple likes selling to the upper end.  They have no interest in being Nokia and selling to the masses and ridiculously low prices.  

My money is on Apple blowing us away in the near future, and I’m not talking about the iTV.  They will redesign the iPhone so the new models stand out…

Giff Gfroerer, i2SMS

“Apple likes selling to the upper end”
are you kidding me !? Apple does everything for money! The recycle there products as often as possible (iPhone 3G > 3GS / iPhone 4 < iPhone 4S / iPod Touch 1st. 2nd. and 3rd Gen!) and it is rumored that they are about to release as smaller iPad so they can even compete in this market! Apple used to be one step ahead but away from the mass market! Now that changed some years ago!

it's not only about a nice redesign! Please!

sounds to me that you are a desperate fanboy who has to face that almost everyone is "iphoned" : P

Microsoft is the new Apple : P

That’s probably true! “Must have brand” not only for the users, also for developers and for company’s!

So if you want something exclusive and innovative you should go for Meego or Windows Phone! (The Question here is, how exclusive WP7 is going to be!)

Apples product turned into mass- and everyday products! It’s ridiculous how much money they make with there common but over-prised products!

The new iPhone HAS TO be mind-blowing and feature some “never-seen-before” features otherwise it is going to be another (over-prised) iPhone!

Microsoft is the new Apple : P

Giff Chuckles 🙂  No Fanboy here.  Just someone who realizes a quality company when I see one.  

Shakespeare once said love starts in the eyes!  This is what the iPhone brought us, and the iPad.  Go back and read Ewan’s comments about his first iPhone or iPad and how folks hovered around him on the train and out at the cafe’s trying to get a glimpse of what he had.  It was new and different and folks “had” to have that to look sexy and cool.

These devices didn’t bring us any “new” technology, just “easy to use existing” technologies.  Apple perfects user interaction and makes it simple.  

Fanboy?  Not really.  Accepting that Apple has taken over a once-comatose industry?  Yes.

I agree with you, that Apple changed the way of thinking (in 2007)! Fancy hardware wasn’t that important anymore, the Os and the user experience became the important part of the device! Which was good! We needed that!

But! This way of working stopped with the iPhone 3GS when Apple started to recycle as other companies did and do!

I am surprised that you call Apple a quality company!? In my Eyes this term apply only to a few international companies and I don’t really think if Apple can claim it! Remember when the iPhone 4 was presented and Jobs got everyone to switch off their device so he can actually demonstrate the revolutionary new antenna (which was crap right from the beginning)! And after that the way they responded to this issue! The Keynote were Jobs held a Blackberry to demonstrate the loose of single when you hold your device in a certain way! This is not how a quality company addresses problems and customers!

And I also agree with you that Apple took thee industry over! But, past tense…
This days are over! To competitors are about to strike back!

As I said before, Microsoft ist the new Apple!

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