Europcar’s £7/day MiFi rental deal


I hired a car this weekend from Europcar’s London Heathrow Airport and noticed this special offer at the service desk. They’re offering a MiFi unit for £7 per day and it’s practically unlimited (1GB/day I think I read). You can just pick one up when you are hiring a car.

I think this is a seriously smart addition to the overall car hire service — especially for anyone flying into London. I like the idea of being able to avoid the hassle of deliberately having to visit a mobile shop.

I reckon there’s a good market for MiFi unit hire. I’d like to see more hotels offer this facility.

By Ewan

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Not from the larger rental agencies. I remember seeing something like this from a minor agency, I think it was Fox, some years ago before the time was right. You can get a GPS pretty easily, but not Mifi. I think it would be a good play…

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