Free WiFi coming to Northern Ireland Translink commuters

Now then, this absolutely rocks. WiFi on trains makes a lot of sense.

It’s not necessarily new — indeed I’ve been using WiFi on trains in the UK for quite a while, but only on big trunk routes, not smaller commuter lines.

Here’s the overview thanks to cellular-news:

Translink NI Railways, the Northern Ireland UK state-owned rail operator, is adding free broadband internet on its trains to improve customer service for over 10 million passenger journeys a year­. The company said it decided to add Wi-Fi on its services in a bid to encourage more people to switch from private car to rail.

via Northern Ireland Railways to Offer Wi-Fi Service.

Nomad Digital is the company behind it.

Chaps, could you have a word with Southwest Trains? I use them most days and I’d rather appreciate being able to connect reliably via WiFi whilst on board.

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