I think British Airways should ask for my photo

I was reading about the ‘backlash’ against British Airways documented in this post from TechCrunch:

According to The Evening Standard, the airline is facing considerable backlash today after it announced a plan to launch a program called “Know Me.” The new intelligence tool uses Google Images to find pictures of passengers for staff to use so they can approach them as they arrive at the terminal or plane.

via British Airways Borders On Creepy With “Know Me” Google Identity Check | TechCrunch.

I can certainly see how some people could interpret this approach as being creepy.

I react the other way.

I would like good service. Or better service.

And if a photo helps BA staff render an enhanced service to me, so be it. But actually, BA, you don’t need to go searching Google Images for images. Just ask me. Ask me in the app and I’ll readily provide a photo.

Indeed it makes a huge amount of sense for you to ask. If this function appeared in the BA iPhone app, I reckon the majority of users would think, “Yeah, obviously,” and upload their photo.

It’s obvious. Of *course* giving your team the ability to quickly find me in the lounge (or the line) when I’m late makes sense. Surely this is just an extension of my ‘profile’?

I think I should retain control of my image though.

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