Is the train the worst place to do a phone credit card transaction?

9th March, 1972. That’s the chap’s date of birth.

His phone number ends 718. I won’t reproduce the full details. But he did. Verbally. Sitting in the train carriage with everyone being forced to listen. He also gave the full credit card number of his Amex Duo Avios card.

Goodness me.

Since his phone has cut off a few times he’s had to do the same transaction repeatedly. I typed out his credit card number here in the WordPress app as he spoke it, just to demonstrate to myself how easy it was.

He had to confirm his address repeatedly too (“Number 6…”)

I can’t quite believe the data the chap was giving out.

Although I suppose he doesn’t think it’s an issue. Or that anyone on the train cares. Or that the data he was giving out wasn’t complete.

However he has had to give the characters from his password a few times now — enough to allow me a good idea of guessing it. I’ve got about 5 characters of it now.

You’d think that American Express would suggest he calls back when he’s not on a crowded commuter train? How would they know though.

The responsibility has to belong to the chap himself.

Who’s just got cut off for the Nth time. So we will all get treated to his personal data once again shortly.

You must have witnessed similar scenarios. It’s mind numbing.

Not least because this whole series of calls was taking place in the ‘quiet carriage’ where mobile phones are prohibited.

By Ewan

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