Matthew Key of Telefonica Digital, telling it straight

I particularly liked this quote at the end of this Financial Times piece regarding Telefonica Digital.

It’s from the division’s Chief Executive, Matthew Key:

“We are clear about what we are good at and it’s not hardware,” he says. “We also don’t want to be the next Facebook or Google. That game is over. We will partner the relevant people and compete with them as well. We don’t believe you can own the ecosystem from end to end, which is a very different approach.”

via Nimble start for Telefónica Digital – (subscription required).

Amen, Matthew, Amen!

By Ewan

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2 replies on “Matthew Key of Telefonica Digital, telling it straight”

Well this is the difficulty for the operators, even the forward looking ones like Telefonica.
I’m not sure how that’s progressing…

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