Newcastle’s Hotel Indigo becomes first hotel to replace Bibles with Kindles

You know the old hotel custom of always placing a Bible in a hotel room? It is a practice begun by the Gigeons and according to Wikipedia, they’ve distributed over 79 million Bibles since 1908.

Well, the team at the newly opened Hotel Indigo in Newcastle have decided to change this up a bit. Instead of a paper Bible in your room, you’ll find a charged and ready-to-use Kindle.

This is fantastic on quite a few levels. First, on a spiritual level, you’ll not want for access to religious texts (whatever your affiliation). Second, on a more mundane level, there are a heck of a lot of other books on the Kindle platform too. And there’s free WiFi in the hotel which the Kindles can use.

I presume — but I haven’t confirmed — that you’ll be able to set up the Kindle temporarily on your own Amazon account so you can download/purchase and read whatever you want.

It’s a smart and valuable addition to the whole hotel service, I reckon. I’d have used this feature many-a-time at a hotel. Nice work Hotel Indigo. I wonder if we’ll see more of these kinds of additions in the hotel world? iPad is obviously another contender that I’ve seen included in some hotel rooms. A few years back I was astonished to find an iMac in my room at a hotel in Miami. That was super.

You can find out more about Hotel Indigo Newcastle, including it’s Marco Pierre White Steak House at

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