News about my Barclaycard PayTag…

Unfortunately my main Barclaycard doesn’t seem to be usable with their new PayTag service yet. I’ll need to see if I can get it on the Barclaycard Goldfish card I’ve got. You see I really like the idea of being able to use the tag (or sticker) on my phone’s protective case… it will be a good day when I can finally pay for a Diet Coke by swiping my phone at the register.

Has anyone got hold of a PayTag yet?

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I received one about a month ago, even though I hadn’t requested it. It’s sat in a drawer doing nothing as I don’t currently see enough benefit in defacing the back of my phone with it when there are barely any terminals supporting it yet. Even when you come across one, they often don’t work and you have to use another method of payment anyway. Until the merchants distribute terminals more widely and NFC is integrated in more phones I don’t see wireless payments taking off in a big way. Unfortunately, it’s currently a chicken and egg situation as until there are morel cards (and a good number of phones) supporting wireless payments, the merchant won’t upgrade their terminals. It will come, but I can’t see it being useful until at least 2014.

I’m surprised there aren’t any phone cases that let you put a credit card on the back side. It would work much like the tag, but with any NFC card (like Orange’s cash card).

I have one, works a treat, and is thin enough to sit inside the rubber case I have on my phone (so it’s not visible). Main issue is that even when the option is there the people in the store are sometimes a bit surprised to see you waving your phone at the reader.

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