So the Google Nexus 7 launches tomorrow at £159 from Google

£199 from Carphone Warehouse, £159 from Google (for the smaller 8GB version)… how are you feeling about the Google Nexus 7 tablet? Are you going to let it pass you buy or are you curious to get a look and add a secondary living room or kitchen tablet to your collective device strategy?

Certainly for only £159, it’s a seriously good deal.

Matt over at The Telegraph describes the tablet as “cooly utilitarian” and gives it 4 out of 5 stars.

Battery life is supposed to be around 9 hours — on par with the iPad — however, Matt didn’t get a chance to verify that.

Is it all about price though?

Are we going to see legions of people sitting with Nexus 7s on the train home?

I wonder.

I certainly think it could turn heads, especially in the likes of Carphone Warehouse or in an operator’s own store. The fact it’s HALF the price of the iPad will make it an easier decision for many.

My view: I think it’s time to get one and have a look. I’ve just clicked ‘order’ — it’ll be here tomorrow.

Note: Like the chump that I am, I didn’t look properly at the Amazon website I was browsing when I wrote this story earlier. I actually ended up buying a 7″ Samsung Tab by mistake. I’d searched for the Nexus 7 and that was the first or second result. I just never noticed. Which is, quite possibly, bad news for the Nexus 7. It took some readers below to point my mistake out in the comments. I’m grateful they did, otherwise I’d be taking delivery of the Tab tomorrow morning. I cancelled the order with Amazon and then used the link in the comments to by direct from Google. I chose the 8GB £159 version. I will let you know how I get on.

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