Have you backed with $50 yet?

I’ve just committed to give $50 to the team behind They’re running their very own ‘Kickstarter’ to help get their service rolling.

Here’s the overview: is a different kind of social platform.Were building a real-time social service where users and developers come first, not advertisers.Our team has spent the last 9 years building social services, developer platforms, mobile applications and more.We believe that advertising-supported social services are so consistently and inextricably at odds with the interests of users and developers that something must be done.Help us create the service we all wish existed.

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Whilst I think Twitter and Facebook will still continue to skyrocket, I think there is definitely a space for a service like

I’m very much drawn to the idea of a service that ‘puts users first, not advertisers.’

Fundamentally, I’d like to see a third way. An alternative to the biggies of Google+, Twitter, Facebook.

So I’ve stuck $50 down.

If you’re anyway involved in social and mobile, I think it might be worthwhile doing the same and seeing where goes.

There’s a bit of background from Dalton here that’s worth a read.

Oh, and if you’re looking for another reason for splurging $50, you can choose your own username at the moment. I’ve got ‘ewan’… [Which means my (highly respected) social-username-nemesis, Ewan Spence, will need to do some innovating of his own! But seriously Mr Spence, if you want ‘ewan’, I would be happy with ew4n.]

What’s also rather interesting is that the Alpha service is currently filled with the who’s who of mobile-social-valley-coolaid-smart-folk. My colleague Ben Smith is already live on the service interacting with the other cool dudes and dudettes. I’m hoping my account will be active shortly so I can do so too. I might see you there…

By Ewan

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