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Is anyone else finding the current iPad a bit too big?

I think it’s the release of the Google Nexus 7 that really changed things for me. Playing around with that, I couldn’t help but recognise the difference in size and weight between the two devices. Obviously. There’s quite a gap.

The new iPad is flipping annoying, actually. The more I think about it. Oh the screen is lovely, but carrying around the office or the home feels stupid.

It just feels too heavy.

It’s too thick.

It makes a stupid thunking noise when I put it on the desk.

Indeed, carrying the iPad when I don’t expressly need is has become a bore.

I realise that this is quite a departure from the ‘my gosh it’s wonderful’ viewpoint to which I have (and still broadly) subscribe. I’m just exploring my revised feelings to the device.

Feelings matter, especially when so much of Apple’s whole offering is underpinned by emotion and emotional response.

The Nexus 7 has caused me to think different about the iPad. So much so that having given the Nexus away to a colleague, I’m seriously missing it.

Which should mean that I’m probably in the zone ready for an iPad Air/Mini/whatever. I want a bigger screen than a phone. But not at the expense of feeling a little bit annoyed carrying it around. I don’t like the fact that I can’t really chuck-it-on-the-bed. I feel I have to place it on the bed. Because it’s a heavy piece of kit. By contrast, I threw the Nexus around quite a bit. I was very casual with it. I think that’s what I want from a tablet. The ability to actually use it.

I seriously don’t like the fact that if I’m in a meeting and I toss the iPad on to the table, everyone universally cringes. Quite often folk will unconsciously ask “Is it ok?” or “Oh, did you scratch it?” before telling me I should “definitely get a case” to “keep it good”. And everyone cannot help noticing the clunk.

What do you think? Are you feeling the same or am I sounding like an arse?

And are you going to be picking up an iPad Mini?


  1. I’m wondering if the iPad Mini might end up being a bit of a flop. It’ll be the first post-Jobs device (maybe he would have broken down and OK’d a 7″, maybe he wouldn’t have) and it’s more a response to what others are doing than an Apple initiative. Neither of which bode well.

    I’m not even all that certain about the form factor. The rumours are that it’ll be 4:3 and that might not be quite as comfortable in the hand as the Nexus.

  2. Ewan,

    Per previous posts, I much prefer the Kindle Fire on business trips and around the house because of the smaller size. I rarely pick up the iPad for this reason. I have a keyboard for it that fits snuggly in by New Trent, but overall, it is too bulky.

    Per previous post, my children prefer the iPad because of the size. But they are playing games and watching music videos, texting with text+ (still too young for a cell phone), doing homework on it, etc.

    The Kindle Fire just sits in my hand easier, much easier to carry to business meetings or to the coffee shop to read email. I guess it all depends on what you are using it for. Games, etc. may be better on the iPad. Reading email, purchasing products off Amazon, doing web-searches…all fine on the smaller unit.


  3. Sounds like your sub-conscious is already working to help you justify your impending purchase of the new smaller iPad that will be announced in September.

  4. It will be released ‘post-Jobs’ but looking at Apple’s product design cycle it’s likely he will have been very aware / involved in products out this year.

  5. Earlier this year I had an old 3.5″ android phone and a Tab 10.1. Had to return the Tab at the same time as I got a One X. Then recently I had the chance to borrow the new Note 10.1 for a week. But with fairly large screen phone in-house I didn’t reach much for the tablet as it was just not handy for quickly checking on things or reading. I concluded that I do not really need a tablet.

  6. I agree, I’ve always felt like it’s stuck in a middle-ground where it neither has optimum screen size nor portability; I would say that the iPad Mini is now small enough for convenient portability, and that a larger (~12-13.5″) slate-type larger ‘iPad Pro’ would be far more useful as a productivity device than the current 9.7″ model.


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