More Lumia advertising boards springing up


Here’s another massive boarding I saw advertising Nokia’s Lumia range — which should shortly will be boasting some additional handsets. The marketing team are obviously building awareness ahead of the expected launch next week.

I’m rather excited to see what they bring to market. The existing Lumia devices are good — I’d like to see some astonishing capabilities. If the rumours are true we should hopefully see some Purevirw goodness integrated into the new top of the range handset. I’m not expecting 32 megapixels but I’d like to see something that will give the new iPhone camera a run for its money.

Come on Nokia!

By Ewan

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8 replies on “More Lumia advertising boards springing up”

how about the uk networks start asking the manufactures to put LTE in. 800, 1800 & 2600Mhz. Think we should get devices out quickly this time. Americas GSM Samsung Galaxy S 2 supports the bands we need so theres no excuse…

I’m more interested in seeing the new Lumia flagship’s camera give the 808 PV camera a run for its money, not the camera on the iPhone 5. After all, isn’t the 808 the mobile-phone camera benchmark these days?

Every 7 seconds someone uses Nokia Maps. That’s the 10 Minicab owners who use Nokia then.

I wonder what the iPhone nav stats are? 7,000 times a second?

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