The Royal Mail is about a billion years too late for it’s MVNO


Just when you thought the market couldn’t get any stupider

The UK’s Royal Mail is reported to be in talks with companies to set up its own MVNO service. The company has around 11,500 retail outlets across the UK, giving it a huge retail presence

via UK's Royal Mail Looking at Setting Up MVNO.

You what?

A flipping MVNO?

Another 5p per minute, 5p per text, 50 quid per meg, MVNO?

Do you remember the Marks & Spencer MVNO, anyone?

For some inane reason, the Royal Mail is reportedly seeking requests for information. Gahh, it’s so depressing.

How many people, seriously, do you expect to sign-up to a Royal Mail MVNO when the whole country is already fully serviced?

Yes you’ll be able to get the odd person to swap away from their existing bollokia MVNO because you’re offering texts and calls at a billionth of a percent cheaper.

But goodness me the Royal Mail is reportedly aiming to start the MVNO next year. In 2013!

The only valid reason for doing this is if the Royal Mail is going to completely change the market and do “a Freeserve” — that is, make it £5/month for unlimited everything. That would be worth a look.

Otherwise this will go the way of the Dodo — just like the Marks & Spencer MVNO — in seconds.

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