“Your call will be answered in 15 hours…”

Have a read of this one from today’s Telegraph…

An Australian man who rang the Qantas airline to confirm his flight to New York has claimed that he was put on hold for 15 hours – longer than it would have taken to fly there.

Andrew Kahn, a businessman from Adelaide, said he was kept waiting on his mobile phone for 15 hours, 40 minutes and one second before he finally gave in and hung up.

"I hung up in the end simply because I had had enough," he said.

via 'Welcome to Qantas, please hold' – for 15 hours – Telegraph.

Can this actually be real? He probably paid the equivalent of a business class flight from New York to Australia in phone bill costs (if he was calling Australia!).

And what kind of mobile phone will allow you to talk for 15 hours straight? Maybe he had his charger plugged in.

By Ewan

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