American Airlines buys 17,000 Samsung Galaxy Notes for flight attendants

This one caught my attention — finally news about a big ‘mega company’ that IS NOT deploying iPads!

Instead the iPad has lost out to the much more nimble Samsung Galaxy Note. This is a fantastic success for the team at Samsung. I would imagine that it will be good news for AA’s flight attendants too:

American Airlines on Wednesday said that it would be giving Galaxy Notes to all 17,000 of its flight attendants to use as in-flight data management devices that will provide “greater access to more information about the customers onboard their flight.”

via Samsung Galaxy Note: American Airlines deployment to 17,000 workers.

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One reply on “American Airlines buys 17,000 Samsung Galaxy Notes for flight attendants”

Love the idea here. And its not the ipad tablet getting priority again. Think companies need to remember that there are Other Tablets out there like Samsung Tab and HTC flyer, and.. then the galaxy note,

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