Here’s why the Apple Maps screw-up isn’t just a minor issue

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See that image there?

It was tweeted by Tomi De Lucca earlier this morning.

This is the sort of thing that’s going to fly around the world and continue to demand the attention of the mainstream media. Not only is that text there hilarious… it’s also rather accurate.

(Nice spot Matt Radford!)

By Ewan

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7 replies on “Here’s why the Apple Maps screw-up isn’t just a minor issue”

Wow, that’s some market power admission there: Apple’s devices are so widespread, and normal people are so familiar with the parlance, that a TfL worker feels it’s perfectly OK to make a joke referencing a technical description to the general public.

…when was the last time you saw something like this, in public, poking fun at Nokia, or Linux, or Skype, or anything else tech? Weep oh yea pony-tailed black T-shirters and MicrokiaSoft marketing types, you burn to be so popular your products get mocked in this manner.

(I think it’s a damn good joke in the best British dry wit tradition, and no Ewan, I’m not apologising for anything. Apple screwed up royally. I just think it’s telling that this is on a morning noticeboard on the Tube, and the story is the No.1 read on the BBC news site.)

Agreed; although if I had to find an issue to reply — you know, for the sake of it Mike, to keep it stimulating — I’d say this is old news.

We know Apple’s got huge market power. The fact the guy who stands holding the Burger King sign at Waterloo Station has an iPhone 4 (or 4S) is a good example of this.

What do you think the implications of the maps ‘thing’ will be?

If nothing changes today, the mainstream media headlines tonight across the globe are currently going to be set to “Apple sells millions of phones; but the Maps bit doesn’t work”

The Burger King thing is different – that’s a price/subsidy issue. If MNO’s didn’t subsidise people into iPhones they would be much, much rarer beasts.

Or the guy might just be an uber-geek earning hard cash to keep his startup going.

Anyway, yes. Media love to wail about something hat has got others upset. If it bleeds it leads. Long-term? meh. Remember all the furore when [pick previous Apple omission or cock-up] happened?

Me neither. Clearly didn’t hurt, long term. Like I said, no-one’s going to change ecosystem based on one temporarily broken app with a decent work-around.

Ewan – thought you’d appreciate this. You could be forgiven for thinking that with any new launch like this there would be a few examples of errors that could be highlighted in the press…

… however some are just unbelievable. Apple UK are based in Stockley Park East yet Apple Maps is completely unaware of such a place!

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