iPhone 5 keynote: Nothing to see here

Right then.. not much in the way of paradigm shifts, eh?

Is that it, then?

Can we officially stick Apple into the ‘steady as she goes’ category?

Do we have to now look to Samsung, Nokia, HTC, RIM (and beyond) for the new stuff?

By Ewan

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8 replies on “iPhone 5 keynote: Nothing to see here”

Where’s a reality distortion field when you really need it …..
….. or do you.
One suspects the masses will still come.

I’m surprised that people are surprised … the leaks had laid out pretty much what they were going to do. On top of that Apple are masters of the incremental improvements. Occasionally they will come out with new product which will make the market sit up (iPod, iPod Nano, iPhone, MacBook Air, iPad) but those are rare occurrences. Normally it’s gradual improvements to make a device better year after year.

On top of this they seem to be either behind the curve or ahead of the curve with features … either bringing them in early such as removing floppies and CDs, WiFi or coming in late until a tech is mature LTE, NFC?

And behind it all is that fact that they are more interested in improving a product than adding new features and yes, they are aiming at the mass market, not the phone geek market.

That’s why I’m surprised that people are so disappointed – the only iPhone announcement that had the ‘Wow’ factor the initial launch.

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