Virgin Mobile’s tariffs are looking good

For a long time it has been fair to say that Virgin Mobile’s monthly contract price plans were utter rubbish.

I do mean totally insulting. 20 inclusive minutes and 5 inclusive text messages for £35/month and calls for 30p/min.

Ok. So I jest. Slightly.

Virgin Mobile has always been sat at the back wearing the dunce cap when it came to contract deals.

Not any more though. A little while ago they launched an all new range of highly appealing offerings — most of which include free next day replacement insurance as standard. Utter genius.

They’re running a promotion at the moment for £9.50/month (for the first 6 months) which includes unlimited data, unlimited texts and 2,500 domestic minutes. After 6 months the cost rises to £19.50/month (24 month total). And you get a free Samsung Galaxy Y phone.

I did have to sit back and think why I’m paying way more than double per month to Vodafone and then £13 on top of that for insurance.


By Ewan

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