Recommendations: MiFi rental in NYC / United States

I’m off to Norwalk, CT next week. I will be flying into JFK on Sunday evening and making the one hour drive down to the pleasant town of Norwalk to see the US team at Reed Exhibitions.

If memory serves there is no wifi in the office and I am likely to want to be connected via MiFi for some parts of my 3-day visit.

Do you have any recommendations for a hire company?

I’ve found a few possibles with a bit of Googling:

Xcom Global
Flying Connected

There are more suppliers out there I know. These are just ones that caught my eye.

Do you have any suggestions on a company I should use for this?

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I recently moved away from Norwalk. The city will probably still be in recovery mode next week after Hurricane Sandy this week. Once you get to the States, you can drop into Best Buy or Walmart (both in Norwalk) and buy a pre-paid mifi device on Virgin Mobile if you want. Down the road from Reed, make sure you visit Valencia Luncheria — tiny little amazing restaurant. One of my favorites anywhere! Load up whatever you get with their green sauce.

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