Season 4, Episode 2 of the 361 Degrees Podcast

Here’s the second episode in the Fourth Series of the 361 Degrees Podcast. Standby for a rollercoaster of a ride…

This week we talk about 4G as it arrives – at last – in the UK. Surely faster is better… isn’t it? And if it won’t be super fast why else might it be better? Rafe explains. Ben and Ewan complain.

We also chat briefly about phone insurance, Snapjoy and contact-less payments.

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  • StuMobile

    No ep3 today? Great series so far

  • I think that’s coming later today!

  • StuMobile

    thanks Ewan, looking forward to it, any spoilers on the topic?

  • Oooooh now I am trying to remember… but coming up empty! Seriously! … Apple… 4G… what was the other one? I can’t access it in my mind… I’ll go and have a look at the notes.

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