The Walking Dead fans: Get US iTunes credit and buy Season 3 now!

I have thoroughly enjoyed the past two seasons of The Walking Dead zombie apocalypse, both via iTunes. I think I bought the first season from iTunes UK and then bought the second one via the US iTunes store. I just couldn’t wait… and actually, I think it might have been slightly cheaper as the exchange rate helped out.

You can of course obtain The Walking Dead from other sources — not least the likes of Netflix or Lovefilm — however I wanted to keep it ultra simple, so I stuck with iTunes.

But! It doesn’t look like the UK store will be getting Season 3 any time soon (Although I note that it’s about to show on the FX channel here in the UK).

So I have a recommendation for you. If you’d like to buy from the US iTunes Store, there’s a perfectly straight forward way of paying for them. You simply need an iTunes USA account. You can set this up yourself — it does require you to give a US address and normally, a US credit card. However if you can set the account up with iTunes credit — the same sort you might buy a relative for a birthday.

I hunted high and low for a reliable source of US iTunes credit and came across (affiliate link). I tested it out (you can read about my experience) and I was utterly delighted. It was really quick and really simple. The chap behind it — Jerry — actually mails you scans of genuine iTunes USA credit vouchers… that work!

One rather smart service Jerry offers is to create an account for you. So you don’t have to go through the rigmarole. I haven’t tried that but I know it’s quite a popular service.

And in terms of iTunes credit, you obviously pay a slight premium to Jerry for the facility. So a $10 iTunes US credit is billed to you at $13.99.

The Walking Dead Season 3 is $42.99 and I’ve only got about $30 on my US account so I’ll be purchasing another $25 or similar from Jerry shortly to top up. None of the episodes are available yet as I think the first is due to be broadcast this weekend so I’ll be checking back on Monday.

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