#GemaltoNFC: My plans for the Contactless Challenge today

The MIR audience is brilliant. You’re all stars. James Body of Truphone in particular — he tweeted me this morning suggesting that I take a look at shoe-repair and photography chain, Timpson:

They’re all contactless, apparently.

I did a quick search and sure enough, it appears they’ve deployed the technology across their stores.

As it happens, I do need some new shoelaces. Normally I order them in a blink-of-an-eye via Amazon however on this occasion I’m changing strategy. I suspect that a Timpson transaction should be worth at least 10 points. I’ll tweet a picture of the little Timpson mascot chappie with his hammer and shoe when I get that done.

In other news, I haven’t eaten anything yet.

That’s right, I’m going BIG today. First day. I want those 50 points! Quite simply, all I need to do is pay for breakfast, lunch and dinner via contactless and those 50 smackers are mine.

(Side note: I think it’s possible to repeat the transactions. So at the risk of adding a few more Kg, I could theoretically repeat this for the next 10 days. That’d boost the points wouldn’t it?)

I’m also going to see if I can pick up some contactless flowers. Although I’m due in Richmond most of the day so I am going to be at the mercy of the flower retailers — will any of them have contactless capability? I’ll find out.

What else… well, I really would welcome your suggestions. If you’ve come across contactless at a retailer in London or at a chain retailer like Timpson, please could you let me know? I’m aware of the biggies like McDonalds and Pret a Manager (that’s the lunch target today) but I didn’t know about Timpson. Please do tweet me or stick a note below. (I’m @ew4n on Twitter).

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