This Huawei E589 MiFi unit on EE is absolutely motoring

I’ve had this Huawei E589 MiFi unit from EE for almost a week now and I have to say, I’m using it at every opportunity. I am specifically interested in the 4G capabilities of the device and, of course, the EE network. I’ve been thoroughly impressed at both though.

In an effort to give the device and network a bit of a push, I charged the device fully then switched it on. Two of my iPhones automatically jumped onto it’s WiFi and then I added my Mac Pro desktop machine.

And I left it.

I used my computer now-and-again then sat down and did about 2 hours work. I had a bit of video uploading to do as well (2x 100mb files).

The MiFi unit has been connected for almost 5 hours 30 minutes and the battery has only just hit the 40% mark. Stunning. Absolutely stunning.

Here’s a screenshot:

Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 22.47.40

Alas I haven’t been able to give the 4G capabilities an extensive test — the last 5 hours have been on 3G because sadly I’m currently out in the sticks. (I don’t think my area of Hampshire is due a 4G upgrade for a little while!)

I’m pretty impressed with the service though. Consider the fact that the MiFi unit is hopping between either ‘1 bar’ or ‘2 bars’ out of 5 of signal quality. I’ve been able to upload at about 180k/second sustained for 100 megabytes. That is good service, very good.

The definition of decent mobile broadband is when you forget you’re using it and that’s what I’ve been experiencing across this evening.

The E589 is most definitely my favourite MiFi device ever. Because it’s slightly bigger than the usual MiFi dimensions, the battery is clearly much improved. As I’ve commented before though, it feels like the unit is able to give a more reliable connection than some of the smaller ones I’ve used.

This said, I haven’t tried 5 hours on 4G. I wonder if that’s even possible? 😉 as the standard viewpoint is that 4G demands a heck of a lot of battery resource compared to 3G. I shall endeavour to try some real world tests in future.

If you’re looking for a MiFi unit and you’re keen to experience the 4G power, do take a look at EE. Wherever there’s 4G, I’ve not been disappointed — and when there’s only 3G, I’ve been seriously impressed.


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