Exclusive: Ubuntu’s Mark Shuttleworth gives an overview of his company

Having done a bit of work with Canonical, the company behind the world’s leading Linux platform, Ubuntu, I was delighted to get the opportunity to sit down exclusively with their founder, Mark Shuttleworth on the 2nd of January. This, of course, was the day they announced Ubuntu Mobile. I’ll be writing more about my perspective on that shortly but my first intent was to get Mark on camera. I presented a lot of challenging questions to him and I’ve distilled his responses down into a series of video episodes (and taking out my rambling questions).

My first priority was to ask Mark to give us an overview of Ubuntu as many of us in the mobile industry will have a passing awareness of the platform and the organisation behind it. In the next episode we’ll get stuck into the company’s plans for the mobile industry. For now though, I recommend watching this one — it’s just 3 minutes and will get you up to speed with the context of the next episodes coming soon.

Thank you to Mark for dedicating the time to participate and thank you to the team at Canonical for making it happen.

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