Mark Shuttleworth on the Ubuntu Mobile experience: “5 years after the iPhone, we needed to raise the bar”

It’s time now for the fifth episode of our exclusive video interview series with Ubuntu’s founder, Mark Shuttleworth.

Yesterday we heard from Mark regarding the Ubuntu developer ecosystem and his intent to extend that to mobile. Today Mark talks briefly about the importance of user experience and how that’s factored into the design and production of Ubuntu Mobile.

Over to Mark:

By Ben Smith

Ben is an expert on enterprise mobility and wireless data products. He has been a regular contributor to Mobile Industry Review since 2007 and is also editor of Wireless Worker.

3 replies on “Mark Shuttleworth on the Ubuntu Mobile experience: “5 years after the iPhone, we needed to raise the bar””

Thank you Mark…. I appreciate your efforts, benevolence,
entrepreneurship and enthusiasm. Yes its great Philosophy “Ubuntu for Humanity”

Hi Ben. I will be making the move to Ubuntu Mobile once it’s launched. I have one question for you though:

Do you have any idea if it will be compatible with the iOS? ie over-write it and have it running on my iPhone?

In all the video/forum-speek I only hear Android compatibility, etc – which makes sense for obvious reasons.

Any ideas what the official stance is on this?

Not officially – it may be possible (one day) to hack Ubuntu onto an iOS device, but this is purely theoretical at present, would be hugely challenging and certainly not encouraged by Apple.

‘Android compatibility’is to slightly misunderstand it. The aim isn’t to co-exist with Android (although dual-boot is an option), more to build a platform that can use the hardware drivers already in existence for Android and build Ubuntu devices more easily.

If Shuttleworth gets his way you’ll buy an Ubutu-branded phone from a store/operator and that will be it’s only OS.

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