My Amazon Christmas: I LOVED it!

This Christmas was an usual one. It wasn’t traditional in any sense because we moved house on the 15th of December. We didn’t have the familiar build up that even with a new young family I’m accustomed to.

Like many families I know, we’ve got to the point whereby we don’t bother with gifts between the adults. Instead, we all focus on the children. This year was the first time we’ve done it that way and, for a few moments, it did feel rather strange.

It also meant that the standard “present list” which is usually huge, was actually pretty small. We just had our children to think about, nieces, nephews and then Godchildren.

My wife sat down with some ideas for each child that she’d evolved over the weeks leading up to the house move. Then she brought through the list and using the EE 4G MiFi, I proceeded to shop Amazon like an utter pro. I think our Christmas shopping was done in about 30 minutes — much of that was “consideration time” whilst we agonised over a particular colour or the like.

We did this on the 17th of December so we had a clear week for Amazon to get everything to us, although the majority of gifts arrived next day thanks to our Prime membership. It really is flipping brilliant.

There were two exceptions. One Fisher Price thing we wanted was out of stock on one of Amazon’s eShops so I hit up Toys R Us and fumed through the online sales process. Next, next, next, yes, yes. Whatever. I think I also ended up ordering something from Kiddicare too.

I seriously, SERIOUSLY valued Amazon’s clarity on delivery during this present buying process: Once or twice we didn’t buy a particular product because Amazon clearly indicated that the item would not arrive before the 25th. Very smart.

The recent move has also resulted in a heck of a lot of Amazon activity for all sorts of things. The moment my wife utters the phrase, “Oh that reminds me, we need to get…” I have my phone out, the Amazon app launched and the item ordered. Bang, bang, bang. The only frustration has been the wait for normal days to arrive so that the postal system kicks back into gear.

How about you: I hear a lot of talk about the “online Christmas” nowadays (i.e. so much is purchased online) but for me, it was effectively an Amazon Christmas. Did you brave the shops or go online?

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

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I was less than impressed with the service from Amazon, they send several Prime deliveries via Royal Mail standard post, which is obviously not ‘guaranteed’ . Some of the other via Yodel arrived late too. They tried to tell me it was fine as they’d be there before Christmas Day, which is great, but with so many people to see I needed them BEFORE Christmas. They gave me an extra month of Prime for each late parcel, but even so, it was frustrating!

Oh that’s good they fixed it Kip; I regularly receive packages from Amazon via Royal Mail but that doesn’t bother me. If I really need it then I’ll pay the guaranteed-by-1pm option but usually just opt for the standard prime service.

right on, Ewan. I did 95% if not 100% of my Christmas shopping this year on Amazon. Extremely efficient and simple. Their return policy makes shopping with them ultra convenient. I think last year I did about 35% with Amazon. Quite an improvement…

Do you ever get annoyed when some products can’t be found on Amazon? I do! I often wish independent retailers would dump their own rubbishy systems and just use Amazon!

Interesting you ask. I normally check Amazon for anything I need first, even if it is just to compare prices! If I find it there of a comparable price, I will use Amazon over another retailer because I trust the delivery time and return policy…

Spot on. More and more of our Christmas shopping is now online and yes also with Amazon. Wonder how many people’s online Christmas is actually all with Amazon? Price, service (including their brilliant customer service when things go wrong) and the selection of goods available becoming harder and harder to beat!

I actually had quite a pleasurable experience with it all Jason. I just kept thinking about the physical equivalent of battling through the stupidly busy shopping malls and high streets to get things!

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