My first hands on walkthrough of Ubuntu Mobile

Ivo Weevers is Head of Design for Ubuntu. At tonight’s launch of Ubuntu Mobile in London, I managed to get Ivo on camera to give me a brief ‘hands on’ style walkthrough of the new platform.

In the video you’ll see:

– The personalised welcome screen experience
– The left-hand app launcher
– The camera functionality
– The gallery app
– Home screens (“full swipe to the left”)
– Video/Music/Apps
– Facebook sharing
– The top edge notification/settings function (this, by the way, is incredibly smart)

Have a watch and let me know your first impressions below.

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  • Paul B

    You sounded very impressed Ewan 😉 Having said that it is really cool that there are 2 OS’s that auto detect if it is plugged into HDMI. Would anyone need a netbook, or even a laptop anymore? Maybe even a tablet?

  • Well that’s what I was thinking Paul. I was really liking the idea if being able to “just plug in” — it looked really rather usable!

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