Sky+ app — I can’t get enough of it

I react negatively to most types of “live TV”. I really don’t like having to dance to some scheduler’s tune. My life does not fit their imagined template.

Rarely do I bother watching anything that can’t be purchased via iTunes or streamed on Netflix.

But “The New” Yes Primer Minister? Aye. It’s even got the Apple “new” tag.

I am a substantial fan of the original series (“YPMTOS”) so when I heard a new lot were planned thanks to UK Gold — or “Gold” — I was delighted. Especially since the original writing team are behind it.

I remembered that the series begins tonight and thought “yeah, might as well” and flicked open the dusty Sky+ app.

I don’t use it that often because I just can’t make the time to sit in front of a television to watch the content. But when I do need the facility, it’s utter genius.

I located the series and recorded it in about 5 seconds flat. Brilliant.

What’s seriously missing now is the ability for me to “BBC iPlayer” it — that is — download the content to my phone/tablet for offline viewing.



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