The Asus Vivo Tab Windows RT Tablet on 3: I’m tempted!

Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 20.57.00

Three just announced they now have the Asus Vivo Tab running Windows RT in stock and I have to say, my head was turned.

I’ve been pretty impressed with the quality of kit Asus have been turning out recently and I do admit to being highly curious. I’m particularly liking the idea of an integrated 3 sim offering HSPA+42 speeds.

I’m bothered a little bit by the whole “RT vs Pro” issue — mostly, I think, because I haven’t sat down and actually used an RT tablet for any length of time yet. I really must do so. One of the chaps I met at this evening’s Ubuntu launch (more on that later) spoke very highly of Microsoft’s Surface so I am keen to see what Asus have done.

The deal with 3 requires a £199 up front fee, followed by £30.99 per month for 24 months — about £942 in total. That is quite steep in the context of an iPad — by way of comparison, 3 will sell you a 64GB iPad 3 for £29/month, £269 up front or £965 over 2 years. So the Asus tablet is about £20 cheaper.

Like the rest of the world I’m still on the fence with Windows RT. It’s good to see the expansion of the mobile operator tablet store menus though.

Is anyone else thinking about picking up a Vivo?

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