Vodafone ‘Nearly New’ handsets now available online

Following some press fanfare, many keen Vodafone shoppers wanting to take advantage of the operator’s new ‘Nearly New’ programme of ‘officially refurbished’ device were left wondering what all the fanfare had been about.


However, Voda now has it’s house in order and deals are available through the online shop:

Nearly New isn’t like buying a battered old second-hand phone from your mate Dave. It’s your chance to own a slab of modern mobile goodness that’s cheaper than brand new, but that’s still in amazing condition and comes with full Vodafone support and extras.

Through the scheme pre-pay phones offer savings of up to £155 and pay monthly customers can save around £5 every month. In addition to a full warranty the devices are securely wiped of any previous owner’s data before sale.

Highlighting the  cost savings, Vodafone hopes these deals will attract price-sensitive pre-pay customers to adopt smartphones.

By Ben Smith

Ben is an expert on enterprise mobility and wireless data products. He has been a regular contributor to Mobile Industry Review since 2007 and is also editor of Wireless Worker.

One reply on “Vodafone ‘Nearly New’ handsets now available online”

purchased nearly new i phone 5,,,,,only to find from apple it was 6 months old…….and has lost half its warranty……NOT NEARLY NEW AT ALL…..dont go there you will be dissapointed……….most people change phones after 2 year contract as do i…….to be honest u get what you pay for in this life……..recycling someone elses problem to u…….try to contact vodaphone if you have a spare day,being passed from pillar to post…….bring back the good old days 2 cans and a length of string thanks andy

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