My Mobile World Congress will be brought to you by the letter T. For Truphone.

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I’m delighted to say that this year I’ll be ‘connected’ in Barcelona by Truphone. They’ve sent me a Galaxy SIII handset containing a super-hot Truphone sim to use for the week. My instructions are to check it out, try it out, kick the tyres and see how I get on. I readily accepted.

I’m particular enamoured with the possibility of actually swapping all my telecoms to Truphone and doing away with a traditional terrestrial operator service agreements. I haven’t yet done this but I am not far away. I really like the idea of being able to use the best provider in a particular area (thanks to Truphone roaming between networks as necessary) rather than having to use a specific operator.

I’ll be writing more about Truphone next week.

If you’d like to check them out in Barcelona and haven’t yet got a SIM, I’ve got a quick tip for you. Check the airline in-air shop. You can usually buy a Truphone SIM on most British Airways flights! Otherwise, order online and you’ll get a SIM sent next day.

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Maybe I am missing something but I checked a couple of countries on the Truphone website and I’m sure O2 provide more competitive rates.

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