Video: How to create an app for BlackBerry World in 4 minutes

That’s it! I used the BlackBerry App Generator tool from Mippin to create the MIR application for BlackBerry 10 in about 4 minutes. The process was ridiculously simple. Indeed I spent more time locating the MIR logos on DropBox than I did configuring the tool. It’s really, really smart.

I’d already established a free BlackBerry World Vendor Account earlier — this is also trivial — so I was able to just confirm that email address with the App Generator tool and — bang! — it was all done. The app should be available to download in the next few hours.

Get in!

Here’s a quick video tour of the App Generator system as I constructed the MIR app:

And here’s what the app looks like in all it’s glory on the all new Z10:


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