Free WiFi on the underground: Enough to keep you happy?


Yesterday Vodafone splashed in the Metro about their all new (well, sort of) wifi offering for customers using the London Underground system.

If you’ve ever been caught wanting to send an email or look up somewhere on a map whilst on the platform, having access to the Internet is mighty convenient.

I have tried the Virgin Media service at a few stations and I’ve been pleased with the functionality. And speed. Speed us important.

Fundamentally it’s flipping annoying when you lose connection as the train leaves the station. But that’s another issue.

If you’re a regular Underground user I can see how free WiFi access would be a useful bullet point when you come to select your next Vodafone contract.

Not so, if you live and work in Hartlepool though.

Have you tried the London Underground WiFi system?

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  • AJ

    For some reason, O2 opted out. It’s enough for me to want to change provider.

  • It’d be nice to have it on all stations, and heck even in the tunnels! But yes, it’s nice to have – I use it via Virgin Media and it’s nice and quick and beats the boredom when there are delays.

  • essuu

    I used it extensively during the free period and yes, it’s useful and convenient but I wouldn’t choose a mobile provider on that basis. The cynic in me says that at some point in the next couple of years they’ll open it up for free so I’ll just wait.

  • that’s quite a while to wait!

  • Ewan, I love the Tube WiFi – so fast that when I need to upload a video to Vimeo – I actually go to a station! I can also download a full copy of the Evening Standard while waiting at a station on my iPad – love it!

  • Ringing endorsement!

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