Nokia announces N95-A handset running Android; Hits stores 1st July [1st April]


In an utterly unbelievable move, Nokia today announced that the company’s existing Lumia range of smartphones will be joined by a reinvigorated Nokia Essentials range. Harking back to the company’s previous successes, the first device to hit the shelves will be a completely revamped Nokia N95 christened the N95-A.

The exact same candybar form factor will be retained, however everything else will change. First, out goes Symbian, in comes a custom authored version of Android 4.2-N. Google has reportedly been working on this version for sometime now together with the Finnish company’s engineers.

The fantastic original 5 megapixel camera is upgraded to a gorgeous category leading 96 megapixel PureView lens.

And finally, the screen gets an upgrade to 526ppi — the best we’ve ever seen on a smartphone.

The standard numerical keyboard will remain allowing hardcore fans to finally type their messages without looking once again thanks to a specifically engineered version of T9+.

The N95A also sees the first Qualcomm chipset in a this form factor along with a wholly reasonable 64GB of onboard memory.

This is an exciting move for Nokia given they sold millions upon millions of these candy bar style smartphones just a few years ago.

$799 or £490 is steep but worth it for a phone of this calibre.

Fans of the other popular N and E series form factors should keep looking for news — they’re all due a revision.

I for one can’t wait for the Communicator announcement.

Definitely check your calendars today.

(Published 1st April 2013 0240 GMT)

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