If iPhone 5S is selling so well, why is it in stock?

A question that is bothering me. I walked by the EE store in Islington this afternoon and saw this sign outside:


Isn’t that meant to be impossible in the first week of an iPhone launch?

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Let’s face it: no matter if they were only in stock on mountaintops via a pathway guarded by trolls and Simon Cowell, they would still outsell everything else, including the previous models.

The plural of anecdote is not data. 🙂
They sold more than the iPhone 5 opening weekend, Apple’s website is saying “dispatched October” for all colours of 5S. Maybe folks just have a choice for LTE now and don’t want to pay the EE tax, or maybe the iPhone stock fairy had just arrived.
Also, Apple does seem to be getting better at managing the launch demand each year.

Next is the question on the 5C. It came out at the same time, for just a little less. From what I hear, folks don’t want the phone with less technology for such a little price difference. And, looks like 5S to 5C sales are 5 to 1. In addition, the “plastic” part is throwing folks for a loop. We all know it should hold up. But to the Normobs, they aren’t too sure about that one…

It’s because they underestimated the demand for the gold one. White and grey are left on the shelves while people wait for the reup.

Didn’t see a 5S in the wild either….looks the same anyway 😀

Tested the 5C the other day at Regent St. Doesn’t feel as nice as I expected it to feel! To expensive for what you really get!

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