Smythson of Bond Street also does email receipts

Just like the Apple Store! I was in Smythson on Bond Street earlier today (obligatory Christmas shopping) and was significantly impressed when the lady serving me (Vicky — thank you) asked if she could email my receipt.

Yes please. I love it. No messing around with bits of paper months later when I want to check the serial number or product name of the purchase. It also represents a handy reminder for insurance purposes should the worst happen.

Good work Smythson! I hope more shops consider this extra service. It obviously also ensures the shop has your email address and you have theirs.


By Ewan

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One reply on “Smythson of Bond Street also does email receipts”

With iBeacon this is something I think more stores will take up, as they will know who you are once you enter the store (presuming you have their app) and your phone could be notified when you make a purchase, offering you the choice of an electronic receipt.

I’m looking forward to seeing how (and if) retailers put iBeacons to work.

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