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I’ve been a long time user of Koding — way back when it was called Kodingen. It’s been an absolute life saver for me. I’ve been coding for at least 15 years (mostly PHP) and now and again I’ve found myself out and about, but with the need to actually change something on one of our servers. 

Telnet is an option — but if you want to properly sit down at a computer in the middle of nowhere and properly update a few lines of code, Koding has been invaluable. (I actually used it to edit a lot of my services ‘live’ — not recommended, but, sometimes when needs must..!)

The multiple iterations of Koding have now made it into a seriously ideal online development environment. Here’s their overview:

Koding is an online development environment with the goal of simplifying worldwide development and providing free computation and development to everyone. It does this by offering Free VMs for development to anyone. The Koding VMs provide you with a real Ubuntu OS, with a real Terminal, and allow you to work on real code. Python, PHP, C++, C, it doesn’t matter. Even better, they are online. Accessible from anywhere in the world. Even sharable with teams.

The sharing and collaboration looks utterly brilliant.

Right now they’re giving away an extra 1GB of storage (5GB free, in total) to every user. So if you’re a curious developer (I know there’s a lot reading), I strongly recommend having a look. 

If you use my link, instead of a 4GB free account, you’ll get that 5GB one. 

Here’s the link:

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