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What’s the best wireless home office phone (with headset support)?

It’s about time I stopped using the noddy BT wireless phone when I’m working at home. I often have to participate in lots of conference calls so I really need a headset. Not only is it useful to be able to bash away on the keyboard during a call to make notes, it’s also a lot more comfortable.

I could, of course, make use of all sorts of mobile gadgetry but I value the standard landline telephone connection much more when I’m doing conference calls. I don’t want to be the arse that regularly cuts out thanks to the occasionally patchy mobile signal. It’s not ideal when you’re participating in board meetings and dropping out. So my mobile phones are out.

I’d like to use a decent, comfortable headset. But the first problem I have is that the noddy BT landline DECT devices don’t support headsets.

The actual phone line is at the other side of the house so I need to be able to wirelessly transmit from there. And still use a headset.

The next question is what kind of headset to get. Probably a Plantronics one, yes?

Any suggestions for decent DECT phones that support headsets? And any suggestions for headsets?

I was quite drawn to this Plantronics one on Amazon:

Screenshot 2014-01-13 12.05.30

Update: Here’s the noddy one I’m using at the moment (“BT Graphite 2100”):

BT Graphite 2100

Update 2: I think Amazon knew I was coming after this recommendation from gcatteral in the comments:

amazon dect


  1. Sorry to not quite answer your question, but instead to pose another one – have you considered switching to use VoiP? Then you don’t have to worry about really expensive headsets and replacing your phones. I have been using Sipgate for years on many conference calls, often day long ones (don’t ask!) without problem, (as long as you make sure you have enough credit). Wireless headsets for PCs/tablets etc are much more affordable (though I use a wired USB one) and VoiP is generally cheaper to run than landline. And with many VoiP providers you can get a non-geo specific line thrown in (my 0845 number comes free) and you don’t tie up the family phone either. What’s not to like?!

  2. I need something similar. Not sure a VOIP service would be reliable enough — my experience to date suggests not. Not for proper business where the people you’re phoning really don’t want to put up with nonsense about phones lines just because you can save a few bob. I’ve never tried Sipgate, to be fair.

  3. Fair comment especially if you are on lower internet speeds, but I have used Sipgate on calls with CEOs, SVPs, VPs etc of multi-billion $$ companies and the only time it has let me down is when it hiccuped when I’d run out of call credit! So it’s worth noting that I am now on fibre broadband, normal home user (through Plusnet) so that is definitely worth factoring into the equation. You are the first person to call me a cheapskate though – in not so many words! You are right, of course…

  4. I’m with Gabriel in that I absolutely positively can’t have any phone line nonsense when I’m on the call. I will give it a try though. I did use Vonage ages ago and had a decidedly annoying experience. However I’m now on BT Infinity 2 so theoretically it should all be a lot better. Decisions decisions.

  5. If you do decide to stick with standard telephony I can recommend the Siemens Gigaset C595, which comes with a 2.5mm jack. I use a Plantronics M175 with the Siemens handset and both work really well together – very solid and clear connection.

  6. the Siemens is a cordless handset, yes, and you can get them in single, double, triple packs.
    I use a wired headset as the cordless handset is pretty portable anyway

  7. Totally agree. Gigasets are what we use at work. However, FYI, Siemens don’t make the Gigaset handsets any longer. They were sold off, which is why Siemens no longer appears on the handsets and they are simply branded Gigaset. They are still of the same high quality though.

  8. Short answer, Sipgate works for me, Sipgate client on Android via WiFi seems to work well, use your various mobile headphone gadgets and you’re off.

    Longer answer, I did get Gigaset DECT phones a couple of years ago, was disappointed with lack of flexibility of config. Found the BT Infinity router to be slow and generally useless, plus I could not turn off the public WiFi and call me anti-social but didn’t want to share my bandwidth with passing strangers. So I replaced the two Infinity boxes and the Gigaset base station with a Fritzbox. Nice kit works well for me.

    Upshot is that I can make and take calls handsfree on the desktop computer (using whatever SIP client) via the DECT handsets and using my mobile handset with headphones if I want. Plus, of course, you can use your office number via WiFi on mobile wherever the WiFi is up to it. Or via 3/4G etc.

    Your mileage may vary. Good luck.

  9. Yeah, the quality of the Internet connection makes a difference obviously). I’m on Virgin Media and the 1 Mbit/s uplink just isn’t up to much (I think I’ll upgrade to higher speed package when I work from more). Also, the quality of interconnect and termination can make a huge difference. Even regular phone service can be poor in this regard.
    You would think by now we’d have really good quality voice services. Alas, not.

  10. Its been a year now. Are you still happy with your system? I’m looking into setting up a home office….


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