Are you on 3? You’re now on 4G!

Just a quick reminder for the legions of readers who use 3. If you haven’t already noticed, you’re now using 4G. There are obviously a few caveats. To use 4G, you need to locate yourself within the 36 large towns and cities that have already been provisioned (e.g. London, Birmingham, Manchester, Reading, Liverpool). You also need a 4G-capable device.

A whopping 1.7 million 3 customers have got 4G devices now, though. And they’re all now able to use 4G where available. Some devices will need a software update for compatibility but in most cases it should be automatic. And of course you don’t need to bother getting a new more expensive price plan like you would need to do on the likes of Vodafone.

If you haven’t yet seen the wonderful little 4G icon pop-up on your phone, don’t worry. 3 will have their 4G service live in 50 cities and 200 towns by the end of the year and by 2015, 98% of the population will be covered.

Good news.

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